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iO TALK1 offers a cost effective Hands free Car Kit Solution and can pair up to 5 Mobile Phones. iO TALK1 provides a driver-friendly experience that is simple and easy-to-use. The simplistic approach of iO ensures the driver acts in a secure manner that is both safe and legally compliant when making use of devices such as mobile phones. Your conversation will be integrated into the front two speakers of your car audio system which will increase safety when on a call.

iO TALK1 has the ability to wirelessly stream music from your mobile phone using high quality stereo Bluetooth (A2DP). However, iO TALK1 will only stream music into the 2 front speakers of the car.

Product Features

  • Make and Receive Mobile Phone Calls Wirelessly Hands free in your Vehicle.
  • Easy to use illuminated Wireless Remote Control to Answer or Make calls.
  • Intensify your iO TALK experience by selecting 1 of 5 preset ring tones.
  • Make your journey more exciting and simultaneously connect and stream audio from a 2nd portable device.
  • Enjoy auto-connect when you enter your vehicle by storing up to 5 Mobile Phones in iO TALK memory.
  • Excellent Sound Quality is streamed through the 2 front speakers in your vehicle. using the iO Class D Amplifier Technology. This amplifier is very efficient and designed specifically for automotive application.
  • All your connected audio managed the way you need it to be with iO AudioSense Technology. 



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