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Daytime running lights (sometimes referred to as DRLs or daylight running lamps) are low-wattage bulbs that are fitted to a car to improve visibility during daylight hours. As of 7th February 2011, DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles (except trailers).


DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. They can also be made to function as front position (side) lights, which operate at a reduced intensity when the vehicle sidelights are switched on.


You may have already seen DRLs out on the road - many manufacturers such as Audi have fitted them to new models. They can usually be found just below the car's main headlights, and normally switch on with the vehicle ignition and off when the vehicle sidelights are turned on


These DRL's Improve vehicle visability and reduce the risk of accidents in daylight hours. In fact, studies carried out by the European Commission and the Department for Transport have both found that daytime running lights can reduce accidents and casualties during daytime hours.


Fitted with 24 x Ice white LED's.


Provides a bright, narrow beam pattern.


Super bright LED's for 12v or 24v vehicles but with low power consumption


Waterproof for external use


Fitting bracket included.


Lamps are E marked to ECE Regulation 87.


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