Engine Management

Engine Management







Here at Creative Auto, we have the latest vehicle diagnostics tools and software available for most makes and models of cars. 




Creative Auto has the widest range of Diagnostic Equipment in Leeds, which puts us in the best position to accurately diagnose your car problem.

Maybe you've been to the Main Dealer or your local garage and they have tried to solve the problem by replacing parts? Before you keep wasting money, come to Creative Auto and we can test each and every engine electrial compontent, find air leaks, test the ECU and even fit a data logger to find that problem that just wont go away!

If you need Engine Diagnostics or Auto Diagnostic services then think Creative Auto

If your car has a fault with the SRS Airbag system we can bypass the fault and thus remove the light or repair the Airbag system to return it to as new condition without the need to replace the airbag ECU.

Our services are used by individuals and independant garages. Put simply, Creative Auto should be your first stop for all ECU faults.



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Car & Engine Diagnostics

Car & Engine Diagnostics

We can remove all your ECU error messages and reset their values on most makes and models using the latest diagnostic tools and software.